Make a note of all the dates regarding our relocation and the opening of the new Lumière 11 September: OPEN DAY during the Parcours and the Open Monuments Day A sneak peek of our new film theatre and cafe restaurant. 17 September: FAREWELL to our old venue at Bogaardenstraat 40b A final film and the […]

Which chair seats you?

A new location means new chairs. But we want to make sure everyone has a say in which chairs the new Lumière will be fitted with. That’s why you, our patrons, can test the options and vote for your favourites. Drop by between the 1st and 14th of February to assess the options and choose […]

Making progress

There was another moment in our new film theatre’s construction that I want to remember for when it’s all finished. This time, it was stepping into a space and being able to imagine: this will be the main theatre, 22 meters long, 13 meters wide, and 8 meters high! The screen will be here, the […]

Govert Derix: Exceptional Lumière

In my novel The Shaman of Seville, which is set in the Cannes Film Festival, a director points out that a person only sees what is in their head. Recently, I was part of a group of Lumière ambassadors who had the honour of being guided around the new Lumière Cinema, currently being built in […]

Outdoor Cinema in the Sphinxkwartier!

Join us at the Bassin for a taste of the new Lumière on 22 August 2015. From summer 2016, the Lumière Cinema will be housed at the former boiler house on the Bassin, and how better to celebrate this fact than with an outdoor cinema? With feet not quite in the water (because the film […]

Hooray! We’re building!

Removal and demolition, excavation and draining: they’re all activities with a negative connotation. You break down, you take something away – it has to be done – but that stage is over now. We can now start building again. This is evident from the droves of steel workers populating the building site. They’re making the […]

Ready for some muscle work

You hear it often, and, from our own experience, we can only concur: renovation is more difficult and costly than building anew. Take the asbestos, for example, which has set the agenda in recent months. But it doesn’t end there. It appears that after removing the boiler house’s beautiful, slender roof, it hasn’t stood the […]

Asbestos. That’s Not Good!

Asbestos! The loaded name of a scary substance. Whenever asbestos is found in buildings or equipment, they must be decontaminated under very controlled conditions. Men in white suits and air masks take over and do battle with the suspect particles. Everything must be cleaned. To think that asbestos was still used well into the 1980’s […]


The power station at the Sphinx and the two underlying boiler houses date from 1910. In 1996, the building was declared a national monument. An extensive restoration began to prepare the building for the next century and preserve its rich history. Verlaan & Bouwstra architects have been tasked with modernising the building while preserving its […]

Open day

Sneak Peek of Lumière Cinema Café Restaurant 11 September, from 12:00 until 19:00 hrs Bassin 88 We’re nearly there! With only a few weeks to go until the official opening on 14 and 15 October, our new film theatre is almost ready. The cinemas are approaching completion, the restaurant sill soon be operational – there’s […]


A mere two years after the first shovel went into the ground, at the end of September Lumière relocates to the beautifully restored, monumental building of the old Sphinx factories at the threshold of the new Sphinxkwartier city district. In the central hall that once generated steam and electricity for the factory, is now a […]

Cranes and Other Boyhood Dreams

It’s done! The boiler house’s magnificent steam boiler has been removed. The boiler house also no longer stands. The walls are gone, and the remaining steel skeleton has been transported elsewhere for renovation. About the boiler: for the connoisseurs, it’s a one hundred year old, riveted fire-tube boiler for steam production. It was used in […]

Preserving Treasure and the Art of Messy Bricklaying

We’ve started! On Wednesday 5 November, Alderman Damsma confirmed the official start of proceedings; the proverbial shovel has been put in the ground. Immediately, an important detail became clear: the building’s treasures had to be stored. Treasures? That’s we call the valuable details that we want to save from demolition. Later, these will have a […]

Raising the Roof at the New Lumière

In our minds, we’ve walked all through the restored buildings many times. But we still wanted to know, as impatient as we are, when would the construction of our new cinema in the Bassin finally begin? The plans are done, and the calculations and drawings have been done a hundred times. But now we’re there! […]