Siting on the crossroads of three vibrant border regions, the city of Maastricht boasts a strong international character, with the large number of expats and students leaving a strong international imprint on cultural life in the city.

In turn Lumière can pride itself on its open and inviting atmosphere where visitors of all kinds of backgrounds can easily meet up for a chat. At our new venue we hope to continue this atmosphere of a safe haven. The international orientation of Lumière is further reflected in the films we select and the festivals we hope to organise.



Katalin Tarnay, 34, expat
Frequent visitor to the International Film Café at Lumière

When Katalin returns to her hometown of Budapest for few days, her agenda is filled to the brim. Friends and family visits have to contend with a huge dose of culture. Contemporary dance, theatre, opera, and concerts, both pop and classical: as much as a few days will allow.

Fortunately, you can do this in Maastricht too. “Expats are often highly educated people who want to be fed with culture. A city’s cultural venues are also the places to meet people and build a social life” – which is always nice when you are in a new place. The fact that the Lumière will soon have more English-speaking or English-subtitled films is only good news for Katalin.

She likes to see art-house films because they mirror real life. Hollywood productions are not necessarily her thing, but she still likes commercial cinema for the trailers. For a date, she would undoubtedly choose Lumière for its cosy atmosphere, but mainly because the films invite good conversation. And because one’s date also has to pass the cultural test.