In our minds, we’ve walked all through the restored buildings many times. But we still wanted to know, as impatient as we are, when would the construction of our new cinema in the Bassin finally begin? The plans are done, and the calculations and drawings have been done a hundred times. But now we’re there! The first cranes have been unmistakable positioned and demolition work has begun.

These activities require the necessary precautions because of the asbestos removal, which is to be expected in an old industrial building. The stuff’s got to go and therefore heavy equipment is needed. Therefore, the boiler room roof is being temporarily removed to hoist heavy machinery inside.

As such, the restoration and construction is beginning with something of spectacle, and more will follow. In early October, the premises are handed over to Laudy, the contractor, after which they can really dig their teeth into things. It’s certainly not a simple task.

Extreme care and respect is needed when restoring the former electricity generating station. Three cinemas will be partially underground, which means building a few meters below the water table and next to the Zuid Willemsvaart canal. Please be waterproof! We don’t want wet feet in the cinemas.


But that’s not all. The boiler houses will be demolished and the steel temporarily removed and put back later: preferably, not too neatly. A good eye is needed for maintaining a balance between the building’s high functional value and preserving its authenticity. We want this process to be conducted in close consultation with the municipality.

We are confident that with a contractor as reputable as Laudy BV, with their extensive experience in restoration projects, that the end result will be spectacular: a beautiful new destination and monumental building on the Bassin. We’re happy to take you with us on the exciting adventure there.

door Nico Haenen