Join us at the Bassin for a taste of the new Lumière on 22 August 2015.


From summer 2016, the Lumière Cinema will be housed at the former boiler house on the Bassin, and how better to celebrate this fact than with an outdoor cinema? With feet not quite in the water (because the film screen is), you can begin musing on how it will look next year.

We’ll create a relaxed summer evening’s atmosphere, and we’ll present a film to take you to another world. You can choose where we’ll take you – Argentina, Saudi Arabia or Egypt and Israel – by visiting our Facebook page from August 8 and voting from a selection of three great films: Wild Tales, Wadjda, and The Band’s Visit. The film with the most votes will be screened on 22 August. You can read the film description below.

We shall conjure up a cinema under the stars, with seats provided! All on the Bassin’s car park! And, since our future terrace is currently under scaffolding, we’ll be pulling the delicious beers from a mobile barrel. To cap it all off, our neighbouring restaurants on the Bassin have a special offer.

Film starts: 21:00
Join us from 20:00 for great tunes and delicious beer.
Before the film, you can arrange your own food at the Bassin’s restaurants.


For more info, please visit:


Film description (visit our Facebook page to vote for your favourite film, from August 8)

The Band’s Visit
Eran Kolirin, Israel, USA, France 2007. 85 min., Hebrew, Arabic, English language, English subtitles. Cast: Saleh Bakri, Ronit Elkabetz, Sasson Gabai

This heart-warming and poignant winner of two European Film Awards is the mesmerizing and witty story of strangers in a strange land. A fading Egyptian police band arrives in Israel to play at the Arab Cultural Center. When they take the wrong bus, the band members find themselves in a desolate Israeli village. With no other option than to spend the night with the local townspeople, the two distinctly different cultures realize the universal bonds of love, music and life. Set against a breath-taking desert landscape, this cross-cultural comedy proves that getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself.

Haifaa Al Mansour, Saudi Arabia, Germany 2012, 98 min., Arabic language, English subtitles. Cast: Waad Mohammed, Reem Abdullah, Abdullrahman Al Gohani

Although 10-year-old Wadjda lives in the conservative Riyadh, she is fun loving, entrepreneurial and rebellious. She’s determined to buy a bicycle, but her mother won’t allow it, fearing repercussions from a society that sees bicycles as dangerous to a girl’s virtue. To shoot a film in a country where cinema itself is banned is an achievement for any director. When that filmmaker also happens to be a woman, in a country where it is illegal for women to drive or vote, makes Haifaa Al Mansour’s debut feature WADJDA all the more impressive. Most remarkably of all, it’s a masterful film filled with humour, emotion and humanism.

Wild Tales
Damián Szifrón, Argentina, Spain 2014, 122 min., Spanish language, English subtitles. Cast: Ricardo Darín, Óscar Martínez, Leonardo Sbaraglia

More than living up to its title, director Damián Szifrón’s compendium of outrageous, hilarious and truly bizarre stories about the undeniable pleasure of losing control, offers a subversive, black comic portrait of contemporary Argentina. Blending subversive black comedy with dramatically loaded scenarios about frustrated characters on the verge, Szifrón skilfully weaves together six separate shorts. His film provides a cathartic release from the pressures of modern-day living – a release that provokes unrestrained, double-over-in-your-seat laughter.




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