Lumiere Cinema Café Restaurant
A mere two years after the first shovel went into the ground, at the end of September Lumière relocates to the beautifully restored, monumental building of the old Sphinx factories at the threshold of the new Sphinxkwartier city district. In the central hall that once generated steam and electricity for the factory, is now a monumental café restaurant with 150 seats and views over the Bassin inner harbour. The interior by Dorine de Vos, the former owner and art director of Hotel New York in Rotterdam and Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, makes the Lumière Cinema Restaurant Cafe into a cosy and intimate meeting place with a metropolitan look. The NRC newspaper has already included it in the top 5 film theatres to spend the evening.

Cafe restaurant impression © Dorine de Vos/ Rosie Stapel

Opening and opening festival
Following three weeks of trial operation, the doors officially open on Friday 14 October; an opening that coincides, on exactly the same date, with Lumière’s 40th anniversary. At this point, all rooms are in use, and the hospitality and catering are fully operational. What follows is a public festival, from Saturday 15 to Sunday 30 October, with lots of films, classics from 40 years of Lumière, a special edition of Cinekid in the autumn, a significant programme of English spoken and subtitled films, fun public events, and meet & greets with filmmakers and actors.

The new Lumière consists of 6 multi-purpose film theatres with a total of 500 seats, including a huge 160 seat premiere theatre, a film lab for regional artists, and a large-scale cafe restaurant. As one of the largest film theatres in the Netherlands and the only premiere theatre in Limburg, the relocation enables Lumière to maintain and even strengthen its national and regional standing. In the future, the best film offerings are guaranteed. The addition of 7-day catering and hospitality is becoming necessary for the operation of a film theatre. Going to the cinema is increasingly a night out. The combination of film and food is how to remain attractive for the future.

Dates leading up to the opening:

  • 11 September: OPEN DAY during the Parcours and the Open Monuments Day
  • 17 September: FAREWELL to the old location at Bogaardenstraat 40b
  • 18 September – 22 September: Lumière CLOSED
  • 23 September – 13 October: OPEN FOR PUBLIC: openingsdiscount, all filmtickets €6,-
  • 14 and 15 October: Official GRAND OPENING


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