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Making progress

12/11/2015 0

There was another moment in our new film theatre’s construction that I want to remember for when it’s all finished. This time, it was stepping into a space and being able to imagine: this will be the main theatre, 22 meters long, 13 meters wide, and 8 meters high! The screen will be here, the […]

Hooray! We’re building!

09/07/2015 0

Removal and demolition, excavation and draining: they’re all activities with a negative connotation. You break down, you take something away – it has to be done – but that stage is over now. We can now start building again. This is evident from the droves of steel workers populating the building site. They’re making the […]

Ready for some muscle work

12/05/2015 0

You hear it often, and, from our own experience, we can only concur: renovation is more difficult and costly than building anew. Take the asbestos, for example, which has set the agenda in recent months. But it doesn’t end there. It appears that after removing the boiler house’s beautiful, slender roof, it hasn’t stood the […]

Cranes and Other Boyhood Dreams

05/03/2015 0

It’s done! The boiler house’s magnificent steam boiler has been removed. The boiler house also no longer stands. The walls are gone, and the remaining steel skeleton has been transported elsewhere for renovation. About the boiler: for the connoisseurs, it’s a one hundred year old, riveted fire-tube boiler for steam production. It was used in […]

Asbestos. That’s Not Good!

26/10/2014 0

Asbestos! The loaded name of a scary substance. Whenever asbestos is found in buildings or equipment, they must be decontaminated under very controlled conditions. Men in white suits and air masks take over and do battle with the suspect particles. Everything must be cleaned. To think that asbestos was still used well into the 1980’s […]