Support Lumière and get money back

Lumière has cultural ANBI status. ANBI stands for Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Your gift to an ANBI is deductible from your income tax. Donations to a cultural ANBI are even more attractive. This applies to individuals and companies.

If you support Lumière through the symbolic purchase of a seat or number of seats, the whole amount will be given to Lumière, and you can recover your gift from the tax authorities. Gifts to a cultural ANBI provide even more benefit because your gift can be multiplied by a factor of 1.25 (individuals) or 1.5 (companies). The tax authority accepts that you deduct a quarter to a half more than you paid.

Make a calculation

Make a calculatiuon here:

  • You make a gift and receive nothing in exchange
  • You buy a symbolic seat. Symbolic because you cannot claim or reserve the seat for a screening or presentation
  • You receive the certificate of our ANBI status that is required for your tax refund
More info

Read detailed information about ANBI or consult your tax adviser.